Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oral Surgery II

Three years ago (see 2009 posts) I removed a tooth for Lenny. I visited the other day and he said, "Mahn I have other tooth to come out." "Now?" I asked. He said, "De sun too hot now, too much blood flow. It bettah to do at night." I returned yesterday since it was overcast. I asked if he wanted me to pull the tooth. He said "Yeah you do eet now." There were a few amused neighbors on his porch. He got the string, did the requisite loops and knots, and placed it around the tooth. He told me he was ready. I lunged, he grunted loudly. I looked down at the loop at the end of the string and saw it was empty. I thought it had slipped over the tooth without taking the tooth with it. Lenny was moaning while clenching his jaw. I asked if it had slipped. He said "No it come out!" He spat blood, then opened his mouth to show where the tooth had been. I saw a bloody gap in his gums. "Tahnk you mahn! I could not sleep last night 'cause de pain. I awake many hours." We spent ten minutes looking for the tooth on the ground with a neighbor woman before I spotted it. "I keep all dem!" he said proudly. "Dem charge 10,000 ($20)to pull tooth."

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