Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oral Surgery II

Three years ago (see 2009 posts) I removed a tooth for Lenny. I visited the other day and he said, "Mahn I have other tooth to come out." "Now?" I asked. He said, "De sun too hot now, too much blood flow. It bettah to do at night." I returned yesterday since it was overcast. I asked if he wanted me to pull the tooth. He said "Yeah you do eet now." There were a few amused neighbors on his porch. He got the string, did the requisite loops and knots, and placed it around the tooth. He told me he was ready. I lunged, he grunted loudly. I looked down at the loop at the end of the string and saw it was empty. I thought it had slipped over the tooth without taking the tooth with it. Lenny was moaning while clenching his jaw. I asked if it had slipped. He said "No it come out!" He spat blood, then opened his mouth to show where the tooth had been. I saw a bloody gap in his gums. "Tahnk you mahn! I could not sleep last night 'cause de pain. I awake many hours." We spent ten minutes looking for the tooth on the ground with a neighbor woman before I spotted it. "I keep all dem!" he said proudly. "Dem charge 10,000 ($20)to pull tooth."

Friday, June 29, 2012


This is the quietest I've seen pv. Not good for the locals, but very nice for us. We've had the hotel largely to ourselves. We took the morning bus to Manzanillo yesterday and were among the very few people in the park. We had our favorite cove to ourselves for the morning? Shar shot the above video there.