Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well this visit is winding down. We've spent the past 3 days with Jonathan & Carolyn from New Jersey. With Jonathan here I could actually know the names of the birds I was seeing. Here is a partial list of the critters (excluding the sea creatures) we've identified on this visit:
Mammals- howler monkey, white-faced monkey, two-toed sloth, three-toed sloth, crab-eating raccoon, armadillo
Birds- spectacled owl, great-tailed grackle, bay wren, Montezuma oropendula, chestnut-headed oropendula, chestnut-backed antbird, white-collared manakin, red-capped manakin, slaty-tailed trogon, laughing falcon, red-rumped tanager, mealy parrot, chestnut-colored woodpecker, black-cheeked woodpecker, chestnut-billed toucan, keel-billed toucan, black vulture, common black hawk, bananaquit, long-tailed hermit hummingbird, rufous-tailed hummingbird, spotted sandpiper, variable seedeater.
Reptiles- caiman, eyelash viper, green vine snake, gecko (2 species), striped baselisk, hooded baselisk, slider turtle.
Amphibians- strawberry poison dart frog, green poison dart frog, cane toad
Arthropods- too numerous to list--including many strange & wonderful butterflies (& caterpillars), katydids, cicadas, ants, crabs, beetles, spiders; & not so wonderful mosquitoes.

I'm going to wait until we get home before I post more pictures. Ciao!