Friday, August 04, 2006

Home & Things

My last post from Puerto Viejo about 4 days ago didn't make it. When I tried to upload a photo it apparently caused my connection to crash & the whole post was gone. I decided to give up & tell that story in person.

We got home around 1 this morning. Back to the land of mail, phone messages & NPR.

This morning we went to town & got Shar a new bike helmet, & the new replacement glasses she had ordered before we left for the Caribbean. She started the trip on crutches, and has been walking without a cane for the past 3 weeks. Her leg still bothers her when she walks a lot. I'm hoping eventually she'll be running again.

I'm really grateful to Shar for a nice nice (as they say in "Patois") vacation.

I decided to post the last shot I tried to post of the harbor in Puerto Viejo.